Privacy Policy

Time Frame

I can usually make room for new patients so feel free to inquire. Established clients or past clients have priority but the practice is run on a first come first serve scheduling. Some clients request the same day and time each week. A 24-hour cancellation policy is enforced in order to be fair to other clients and to me. Many individuals or couples seeking counseling for the first time wonder “how long it will take?” I answer by saying that the most common time frame is about 10 to 12 sessions after the initial interview and then once a month for a few months. Upon a mutual discharge of a client/s, I am confident that the client/s have an understanding of their specific “warning” signs that they need to return for a “tune up.”


Confidentiality is most important so that a new (adult) client can get a good sense of personal safety. No identifying information can be shared with anyone, including acknowledgement if a client receives services at my office. Limits of confidentiality for any therapist include: 1) child abuse or elderly abuse, 2) court order for specific information, 3) threat to self or other’s personal safety, and 4) for legal defense.